At Immanuel Baptist Church, we believe the Bible teaches that parents are the primary discipler (Deuteronomy 6:5-7) of the next generation.  We want to equip parents to effectively lead their children spiritually.  It is our passion (the church) to come alone side parents, in this very important role and time.

How is this done, first we want to give you weekly resources to help you in those teachable moments in life.  When teachable moment come up, you need to recognize them and take advantage of them.    Second, we want to make training available to all parents.  This is probably the first time a lot of us have been parents, it is helpful to have resources and books to help out in the raising of our children.  Third, we want to connect you up with other parents as accountability families.  You need to know that you are not going through this alone.

We at Immanuel are looking forward to partnering with parents to make a difference not only in the home but also in the community and country.  Please let us know how we can help in your family.